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Gain invaluable insights on significant and cutting-edge hydropower projects

Between 17-18 May participants of the 2019 World Hydropower Congress can join a tour of a hydropower facility in France and other European countries. These tours will provide invaluable insights on significant and cutting-edge hydropower projects. See them outlined below with more information available when following the links.

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La Coche & La Bâthie, France (EDF)

EDF hydropower study tour (La Coche & La Bâthie)

Located in the Isere valley, EDF’s La Coche project involves a new 240 MW generation machine which will be the most powerful pelton in France. The larger La Bâthie facility, located in Albertville Savoie, generates enough electricity for 450,000 people, avoiding the emission of 890,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

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Grand’Maison & Romanche-Gavet, France  (EDF)

Hydropower study tour Isère, France

The Grand’Maison power plant in the Romanche valley is a pumped storage scheme and one of the most recent large hydropower projects in Europe. The Romanche-Gavet hydropower plant, under construction since 2010, will replace five 100-year-old projects. It will produce 560 million KWh when completed.

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Kembs, France (EDF)

EDF hydropower study tour, Kembs

Downstream from the port of Basel, the historic 160 MW Kembs facility was commissioned in 1932. The power plant houses the Rhine Hydraulic Monitoring and Control Center, which remotely manages the operation of all EDF hydraulic facilities on the Rhine.

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Gaildorf, Voith HQ and Vianden, Germany & Luxembourg (Voith)

Voith hydropower study tour

This study tour provides World Hydropower Congress delegates with the opportunity to visit the Gaildorf hybrid power plant and Voith’s headquarters in Germany, as well as the Vianden pumped storage plant in Luxembourg, which is used as a flexible electricity storage system.

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Frades II and floating photovoltaic plant, Portugal (EDP)

EDP hydropower study tourThis study tour provides World Hydropower Congress delegates with the opportunity to visit the Frades II hydro plant and a floating photovoltaic project in Alto Rabagão. The Frades II project, equipped with variable-speed pump-turbines, was the first of its kind to be connected to the network in 2016.

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Nant de Drance & Forces Motrices Hongrin Léman, Switzerland (Alpiq)

Alpiq hydropower study tourThe Nant de Drance project, currently under construction, will be one of the most important energy infrastructure facilities in Switzerland. Delegates will also visit the 480 MW Forces Motrices Hongrin Léman power station, which is today the country’s second largest pumped storage station.

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December 7, 2018 IHA0
Registration is now open for the World Hydropower Congress, the globe’s most important gathering of hydropower decision-makers, experts and innovators.
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This biennial event, which takes place between 14-16 May 2019, brings together representatives of industry, government, finance and civil society to help shape the future of hydropower.

The event is organised by the International Hydropower Association (IHA) and hosted in partnership with UNESCO.

Under the theme ‘The power of water in a sustainable, interconnected world’ the congress focusses on hydropower’s role in delivering on the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Attendees can expect:
  • 37 sessions and training workshops
  • Up to 1,000 delegates including decision-makers, experts and innovators
  • Representation from 70+ countries
  • Essential insights into managing freshwater, advancing clean energy systems, reporting on sustainability, and demonstrating climate solutions, among other topics
  • Study tours of hydropower facilities in France and other European countries
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More information about the Congress programme, including speakers, topics, tours and workshops, will be released over the coming weeks. Keep checking our website and sign up to receive updates.

Attendees are encouraged to take advantage of early bird rates available for a limited time period, further information can be found on the registration page:

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