Stephen DIHWA, 
Coordination Centre Manager,
Southern African Power Pool (SAPP)

World Hydropower Congress  |  14-16 May 2019  |  Paris


Speaker biography

Stephen Dihwa is currently the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) Coordination Centre Manager. In his role, he is leading a team coordinating feasibility studies of the Luapula hydropower project among other regional projects in SADC.

Stephen has 31 years of experience in power utility operations, project management and power pool operations. He started his career with ZESA (Zimbabwe) rising to Business Development Director of the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Company where he was part of the planning of the Kariba South Hydropower station, Batoka Gorge as well as various small hydropower projects.

He then worked as a System Planning Advisor to EdM in Mozambique in 2007, planning hydropower projects and their grid connections amongst other activities.

Stephen worked at NamPower in Namibia for four years until 2012, leading the planning of the grid connection of the fourth unit at Ruacana hydropower station. He then worked for three years as a consultant for African Development Bank before moving to the Ministry of Energy and Power Development in Zimbabwe as Principal Director until 2017 leading the coordination of plans for hydropower projects in the country.

Stephen holds an MSc in Electrical Power Engineering from the UMIST in the UK and is a Fellow of the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers. In addition he is a member of both the UK based Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the US based Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

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