Rafael KELMAN, 
Associate Director,
PSR Consultancy


World Hydropower Congress  |  14-16 May 2019  |  Paris


Speaker biography

Rafael Kelman is an Executive Director at PSR Consultancy. He joined PSR in 1997 and has been a Managing Director since 2008.

Rafael coordinates studies in the areas of water resources, feasibility studies, hydroelectric studies, renewable energy and market studies. He is also responsible for the coordination and development of computational models in the areas of energy and water resources.

He is a consultant to the World Bank, the IDB and other multilateral institutions, with experience in over 30 countries. He is an instructor and lecturer of courses and seminars, as well as the author of several articles, book chapters and conference proceedings.

Previously he was technical director of the Brazilian Association for Water Resources. He also contributes to the Water Resources Research (WRR) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Transactions on Power Systems magazines.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (UFRJ), an MSc in Water Resources and PhD in Optimisation.

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