Line Amlund HAGEN, 
Managing Director,
International Centre for Hydropower (ICH)

World Hydropower Congress  |  14-16 May 2019  |  Paris


Speaker biography

Line Amlund Hagen is Managing Director for the International Centre for Hydropower, having started in September 2017.

Previous to working with ICH she held the position of Managing Director of Norwegian Renewable Energy Partners (INTPOW), a public private partnership organisation promoting the Norwegian energy industry internationally.

She has worked in the energy sector for the past 28 years, at both national and international levels. This includes institutions such as the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the Norwegian Research Council, Innovation Norway, the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association. She has a thorough knowledge of the energy industry as well as the political framework in which it operates.

Line holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Norwegian Technical University of Trondheim.

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