Eugene SIMONOV, 
Coordinator and Conservation Science Expert,
Rivers Without Boundaries

World Hydropower Congress  |  14-16 May 2019  |  Paris


Speaker biography

Eugene serves as Coordinator of the Rivers without Boundaries (RwB) International Coalition that protects Eurasian rivers from unsustainable water infrastructure. He is also a researcher at the Landscapes of Dauria World Heritage site.

In cooperation with WWF Russia, Eugene designed methodology for express-assessment of basin-wide environmental impacts from hydropower and conducted analysis of flood management in the Amur River Basin. The RwB Coalition helps to prevent threats to Lake Baikal from hydropower, planned by the World Bank in Mongolia, and to reduce negative impacts from dams in Russia.

Eugene also studies wider accountability and environmental issues in the context of China’s Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative. He has co-authored 10 books and 50 research articles on nature conservation, river basin management and civil society issues.

In 2010 at Northeast Forestry University in China, Eugene completed his doctoral dissertation on transboundary conservation management along the Amur River. This then provided the foundation for the 2011 Sino-Russian Strategy for the Development of Transboundary Protected Areas Network.

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