Training to assess reservoir GHG emissions using the G-res Tool

Workshop on the G-res Tool for reporting GHG emissions


G-res tool

12 – 14 May 2019 | Paris

The GHG Reservoir (G-res) Tool is a web-based tool which allows hydropower companies, investors, consultants and other stakeholders to more accurately report on the net impact of GHG emissions resulting from the introduction of a reservoir to a landscape.

The tool works for both existing and planned reservoirs and allows for the allocation of emissions to the various water-uses of a reservoir.

Although the G-res Tool is open access and publicly available, potential users may not have the technical knowledge to use it correctly. This training workshop will allow participants to use the tool independently and critically analyse results.

Training objective:

This three-day interactive training course has been designed to allow individuals with a basic knowledge of geographic information systems and reservoir GHG dynamics to independently use the G-res Tool and accurately interpret the results.

The course involves a scientific introduction to the tool and a step-by-step tutorial on usage, as well as training on case scenarios and results analyses. When the course is finished, participants will be accredited as certified G-res Tool users.


Sunday May 12th, 9am to 5pm

Monday May 13th, 8am to 5pm

Tuesday May 14th, 8am to 12am


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