Workshop 5

Workshop on climate resilience

Climate resilience and hydropower development

Tuesday 14 May 2019 | 09:00-13:30

Hydropower will have a prominent role in achieving the Paris Agreement. Optimising the role of hydropower infrastructure in the provision of climate adaptation services is possible by understanding and assessing the climate-related risks and opportunities. The Hydropower Climate Resilience Guide will provide practical guidance to better prepare for the uncertain future and ensure robust and resilient hydropower projects. This training workshop will provide an introduction to the Hydropower Climate Resilience Guide and a walk-through of the steps and activities required to complete a climate risk management plan. The workshop will also include practical examples of how the Climate Resilience Guide has proven useful to ensure resilient investments.

Workshop objectives:

What is the international guidance to assess climate-related risks and opportunities and ensure the resilience of a hydropower project in the context of climate change? In this workshop, the audience will be trained in the use of the Hydropower Climate Resilience Guide. Practical examples will show how the Hydropower Climate Resilience Guide has provided guidance to ensure resilient investments.

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Pravin Karki

Global Lead Hydropower and Dams, World Bank Group

Craig Davies


Patrick Ray

University of Cincinnati

Asphota Wasti

University of Cincinnati

Maria Ubierna

Senior Analyst, IHA