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Tour 1: Savoie, France

Friday 17 May 2019

La Coche and La Bâthie

La Coche pelton hydraulic project in the Isere valley in the Tarentaise (Savoie) area of France.

This study tour  supported by EDF provides World Hydropower Congress delegates with the opportunity to visit some of the most impressive hydropower achievements in France’s Savoie region: the La Coche pelton hydraulic project and La Bâthie power station.

Delegates can book a study tour when registering for the Congress. If you have already registered and would like to add a tour to your booking you can do so via your ‘MyArea’ page.

La Coche pelton hydraulic project

This ambitious hydro development project is one of the most important led by EDF in France.

Located in the Isere valley in the Tarentaise (Savoie) area,  the La Coche Pelton project’s new 240 MW generation machine will be the most powerful pelton in France.

After completion, the scheme’s 100 per cent renewable energy will generate the equivalent of the domestic consumption of 270,000 people.

It will retain the capacity of an underground pumped storage plant, which backs up water from the Aigueblanche dam to the La Coche reservoir (1,398 metres). This enables EDF to provide energy storage which can be released in case of heightened consumption.

La Bâthie power station

La Bathie is located in Albertville, Savoie, France.

The Roselend-La Bâthie scheme provides a reserve of clean, renewable energy that is available instantaneously and which contributes to the balance of the French electricity system.

It is the most powerful facility in Savoie, except fort Super-Bissorte in the Maurienne valley. It generates the equivalent of the domestic consumption of 450,000 people (Savoie has a population of 400,000) and avoids the emission of 890,000 tonnes of CO² a year.

The water collected at Roselend passes through a 12.5 km long tunnel to emerge in the valley of Isère at an altitude of 1,400 metres. It is then directed to the La Bâthie underground power station through a penstock of 2,500 metres, with a head of 1,200 metres.

The power station consists of two main caverns housing the various generating systems: the valve room and the machine hall, equipped with six pelton generating sets. The La Bâthie power station, which is controlled remotely from the EDF ‘Centre de Conduite Hydraulique’ (CCH) in Lyon, is considered to be beneficial to the whole French electricity grid.

In the event of a major incident affecting the grid, the power station is capable of restarting independently. Its maximum capacity of 550 MW can be injected in less than 13 minutes, at any time of day. The power station therefore contributes to the safety of the grid.

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