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Tour 2: Isère, France

Friday 17 May 2019

Discover Isere, the cradle of the French hydropower industry

The Grand’Maison Dam lies upstream in the Romanche valley in Isère, France.”

Starting in the capital of the Isère department of France, the cradle of hydropower in Europe, the tour will be an opportunity for delegates to discover the world largest hydraulic laboratory located in GE Renewable offices, and the largest French pumped storage plant (1 800 MW) built and operated by EDF.

GE Renewable Energy Grenoble Hydro offices
Enjoy a unique experience inside GE Renewable Energy iconic Hydraulic Laboratory together with our team of experts. Our engineers will be at your disposal to answer all the questions you might have on its functionality, recent evolutions including its latest digital technologies.

EDF’s Grand’Maison Dam and power station

The Grand’Maison Dam lies upstream in the Romanche valley in Isère, France. Grand’Maison is one of the most recent large dam projects in Europe. It lies upstream in the Romanche valley between the Belledonne and Grandes Rousses massifs, in the Isère area. Construction started in 1978, was completed in 1985 and commissioning took place in late 1987.

The Grand’Maison is a hydro storage plant, the system is able to cope with a peak in consumption quickly and therefore contributes to support the stability of the national grid.

GE Renewable Energy Grenoble offices








• May 16th
o Evening train from Paris – Gare de Lyon to Grenoble
o Dinner in a restaurant in Grenoble

• May 17th
o Morning visit of GE Renewable Energy Hydropower R&D Lab
o Lunch nearby Grand’Maison
o Afternoon Visit of Grand’Maison dam
o Evening Train from Grenoble to Paris-Gare de Lyon

EDF and GE Renewable Energy will assist in booking your trip (train + hotel in Grenoble).

Registration deadline: May 3rd

Contact: Camille Pauphilet (





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