Focus Session

Small-scale power systems

Implementing small-scale hydropower systems for energy access and development

Hydropower small scale power systems

Thursday 16 May 2019 | 11:15-12:30

To address environmental challenges, energy security, and to pursue inclusive and sustainable development, leaders are looking to transition economies towards renewable energies. Access to affordable and reliable energy and water services provided by sustainable hydropower can bring economic, social and environmental dividends. Despite being a mature technology, exhibiting one of the lowest electricity generation prices of all technologies, the hydropower potential in most developing countries remains largely untapped.

Small-scale hydropower systems represent a significant resource that can provide significant benefits to underserved areas. This includes both new greenfield projects in remote areas, but also the exploitation of water flows from existing hydro-technical structures which are used primarily for other purposes, such as in irrigation canals or wastewater flows.

Session objectives:

This session aims to explore how to remove barriers and to highlight benefits of smaller-scale hydropower systems to small, under capacity grids, and how energy can be recovered from existing hydro-technical infrastructure to reduce costs and spur more rapid deployment. Speakers from civil society, finance, hydropower owners and developers will focus on the challenges and opportunities that exist to increase sustainable and high-impact hydropower development.

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