Focus Session

River basin development

Understanding connectivity, cumulative impacts and improving trade-offs

Wednesday 15 May 2019 | 15:45-17:00

Basin and regional-scale planning in hydropower development comprise not only the optimisation of energy systems but also broader environmental, social, water, food and climate change outcomes when managing hydropower in a river basin or regional context. Successful river basin management involves a holistic approach which encourages cooperation among a diverse group of stakeholders in the utilisation of natural resources. The integrated management of reservoirs and multiple use of water, the institutional and regulatory agreements, as well as the integration between neighbouring countries, comprise different trade-off methodologies to manage a hydropower project at a system level.

Session objectives:

What are the upstream and downstream effects of hydropower facility operational schemes and how do cumulative impacts influence decision making?


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James Dalton

Director Global Water Programme, IUCN