Focus Session

Regional focus: South and Central Asia

What will drive growth in South and Central Asia?

Thursday 16 May 2019 | 12:50-13:50 | room: Eiffel 3

With rising power demand and vast water resources, South and Central Asia offers significant hydropower potential.

Recent trends show capacity growing by almost 4 GW per year across the region, and a pipeline of projects.

India for example recently declared large hydropower as renewable, signifying a major milestone in policy making. Progress has also been made in countries like Tajikistan with its Rogun project in Pakistan where hydropower capacity grew by over 25 per cent last year alone, and in Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, among other players, where modernisation of existing assets and planned hydro are high on the national agenda.

Regional policies and measures will also help attract investment. Projects to expand cross-border trading, in particular, will help boost hydropower development and market access, such as through bilateral agreements between Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal (BBIN) underway in South Asia and the CASA 1000 initiative in Central Asia.

Session objectives:

What factors will ensure the success of these policies and projects?

Recent changes at the political level have signalled a will to develop the region’s hydropower potential, while ensuring that existing assets are optimised. What factors will ensure the success of these policies and projects?

This session will present the latest trends and developments shaping the region including:

  • an overview highlighting where capacity has been added as well as significant policy and project updates; and
  • short deep dives into key countries in the region from local experts.


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Kamran Kamal

Chief Executive Officer, Laraib Energy Limited
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Manager, Energy Global Practice, South Asia Region, World Bank
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Analyst, International Hydropower Association
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Shri Aniruddha KUMAR

Joint Power Secretary, Government of India
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Chief Executive Officer, Georgian Energy Development Fund
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