Focus Session

Regional focus: Latin America

What is driving growth in South America?

Thursday 16 May 2019 | 12:50-13:50 | Eiffel 1

Latin America remains the second region worldwide in hydropower capacity increase. Led by Brazil, the region accounts for approximately 15 per cent of world’s installed capacity and generation.

Ambitious government targets to decarbonise the energy matrix foster hydropower development in particular in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

The El Niño meteorological event hit South America heavily in 2017, leaving ten times more rainfall than usual in the west coast while Brazil experienced the fourth consecutive year of

drought. Long-distance interconnections between the region’s countries would strength the hydropower sector, support the energy transition and are under consideration.

There is increasing need for modernisation of ageing large hydropower infrastructure to extend asset life and boost electricity generation to cope with growing electricity demand.

Session objectives:

This session will present the latest trends and developments shaping the region including:

  • an overview highlighting the energy transition in the region, and energy planning
  • hydropower’s role and contribution into the energy systems in the region supported by OLADE’s projection until 2030;
  • the need for large-distance transmission lines linked to large-scale hydropower development;
  • social and environmental challenges of the sector in the region and analysis of social and environmental controversies raised at international level
  • where capacity has been added, project developments and policy

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Medardo CADENA

Director of Integration, Access and Energy Security, OLADE
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Hydropower Specialist, International Hydropower Association
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