Focus Session

Regional focus: Europe

What are the key challenges facing European players?

Wednesday 15 May 2019 | 12:45-13:35

The European Union as well as many non-EU countries including Switzerland, Norway and Turkey have brought forward climate and energy policies over recent years aimed at establishing affordable, secure and sustainable clean energy systems. In order to meet ambitious climate mitigation commitments, European countries will need to rapidly decarbonise their power sectors and increase the share of renewable energy. Toward this end, in early 2018 the EU parliament voted to increase its renewable energy goal for 2040 from 27 per cent to 35 per cent.

Hydropower development in Europe is facing a number challenges. To face the unique set of environmental, social, technological and market barriers, a consortium of European hydropower stakeholders have undertaken a EU funded project to develop a research and innovation agenda and technology roadmap for the hydropower sector in Europe and how it will help the region achieve regional and global sustainability targets.

Session objectives:

This session will introduce the Hydropower-Europe project. While the ultimate goal is the develop technology roadmap for hydropower in Europe, the first step is broad stakeholder engagement:

  • an overview highlighting where capacity has been added, project developments and policy updates; and
  • to establish the current status of state of the art hydropower innovation.

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