Focus Session

Regional focus: East Asia and Pacific

What is driving growth in East Asia and the Pacific?

Thursday 16 May 2019 | 12:45-13:35

East Asia and the Pacific remains the world’s engine room for hydropower development. Led by China, the region accounts for nearly 40 per cent of world’s installed capacity and generation.

Rapid economic growth together with an increasing focus on achieving sustainable outcomes, has helped propel hydropower development across the region.

Outside of China, which added a further 9 GW of capacity last year, Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar have a healthy pipeline of projects backed by ambitious government targets.

In the Pacific, Australia is witnessing a flurry of hydropower activity, particularly in pumped storage. Meanwhile, Papua New Guinea has several projects under active development which could transform the country by significantly scaling up household access to electricity.

Session objectives:

This session will present the latest trends and developments shaping the region including:

  • an overview highlighting where capacity has been added as well as project and policy updates; and
  • short deep dives into developments occurring in China, PNG, Laos and Australia led by local experts.

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