Focus Session

Regional focus: Africa

How can hydropower solve new challenges in Africa?

Wednesday 15 May 2019 | 12:50-13:50 | room: Eiffel 1

Hydropower has a major role in the transition to low-carbon energy systems in the region and is a vital solution towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its development offers the opportunity to boost clean electricity production, widen access to electricity and improve livelihoods.

With over 350 GW of hydropower potential, only about 7 per cent of the continent’s economically feasible hydropower potential has been tapped and only about half of the population has access to electricity.

Many African countries are embracing hydropower to meet electricity demand, which is expected to increase to an average rate of 4 per cent per year. Moreover, regional cooperation and integration – through Power Pools – presents an opportunity for effectively exploiting and managing the region’s hydropower resources, At the same time decentralised solutions can help complement grid-based electrification. Both on-grid and off-grid solutions are vital to meet the targets set out in SDGs 6 and 7.

Session objectives:

This session will present the latest trends and developments shaping the region comprising:

  • an overview highlighting where capacity has been added as well as significant policy and project updates; and
  • short deep dives into key countries in the region from local experts.

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Abubakar MU’AZU

Upper Benue River basin Development Authority

Bruno Kapandji KALALA

Minister, Grand Inga Development and Promotion Agency (ADPI)
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Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Uganda Electricity Generation Company (UEGCL)
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Cristina DIEZ SANTOS (moderator)

Senior Analyst, International Hydropower Association
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Adrien Towa

Electricity Development Corporation, Cameroon
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