Focus Session

Protected sites

Exploring synergies between hydropower and World Heritage Sites

Thursday 16 May 2019 | 14:00-15:15

Natural and Cultural heritage sites have the great potential to contribute to social, economic and environmental goals. Hydropower, as one of the cheapest renewable energy sources, can help reach the Sustainable Development Goals providing clean and affordable energy. As hydropower development interacts with other water management services as well as natural resources, this session intends to explore the linkages between hydropower and Natural Heritage sites from a sustainable development perspective.

This session will consider the evolution of thinking around the assessment of sustainable hydropower and its relation with Natural Heritage Sites; whether cohabiting or situated upstream or downstream. This session will examine the added-value of World Heritage Sites within the integrated approach to river basin management and the regional and national economic development.

Session objectives:

This session will explore the possible synergies between Natural Heritage Sites and hydropower development. It will also analyse the linkages between SDG6 and SDG7 with SDG15, and the challenges and opportunities for the development of sustainable hydropower with the preservation of natural resources.

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