Focus Session

Project ownership and financing

Combining public and private sector support to unlock hydropower development

Thursday 16 May 2019 | 14:00-15:15

Governments around the world are continuing to seek greater private sector involvement in hydropower development. This is particularly the case in developing countries where public funds are scarce with many competing priorities and there is a need to utilise the technical expertise of the private sector. However, to date it remains difficult to gain private investment in developing countries as hydropower’s risk profile is poorly understood by many banks who have only limited experience of similar investments. The circle of lack of experience, poor understanding of risk and reluctance to invest is difficult to break.

Session objectives:

How can governments best leverage the role of the private sector?

With the need for private sector investment only to increase in the future, this session will discuss and debate whether traditional models still have a role in the sector and what innovative financing structures are being considered or employed. In addition, panellists will explore what mitigation tools are available to ensure that all stakeholders including governments, development finance institutions, lenders and developers accept a fair allocation of risk.

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