Focus Session

Hydropower innovation and disruptive technology

Anticipating disruptive changes to future-proof hydropower

Thursday 16 May 2019 | 09:30-10:45

Disruption is not a new idea. J. Schumpeter introduced a similar concept, when he wrote about “creative destruction” more than half a century ago. New technologies, products and processes turn their predecessors obsolete, resulting in new industries. We are becoming increasingly aware of technology as a major driving force for disruption.

Historical examples of disruption include the agricultural and industrial revolutions, which saw the displacement of human and animal power by fossil-fuels and lead to the global energy transition to displace fossil-fuels with renewable resources.

For the hydropower sector, disruptive technologies will drive changes and appropriate innovations within policy and regulatory frameworks that govern electricity markets and investments.

Session objectives:

This session seeks to assess (1) the magnitude of disruption, and to what the disruption applies; and (2) the rate of disruption, i.e. how quickly is this happening?

It is important to highlight that hydropower, despite being a mature and established technology, is still innovating and thus can be both disrupted and act as a disruptor.

Hydropower innovation and disruptive tech

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