Focus Session

Hydropower safety

Advancements in overall safety at hydropower facilities

Thursday 16 May 2019 | 14:00-15:15

Safety continues to be the top issue for all hydropower utilities globally, centred around ensuring that all staff on site are properly trained, to prevent accidents related to the operation and maintenance of hydropower facilities. In addition, recent climate events illustrate the need to enhance dam safety and emergency preparedness planning (EPP) as fundamental elements of planning new facilities and modernising existing assets. Advancements to hydropower safety measures are essential to ensure that hydropower remains a leading source of renewable energy into the future, by continuously improving dam safety measures under all plausible future climates, and ensuring that operators and maintenance staff are building the necessary skills to adapt to more extreme operating conditions, while maintaining a higher level of cyber-security.

Session objectives:

What changes are needed to ensure that hydropower can continue to be operated and maintained into the future?

The session will discuss some of the challenges the hydropower sector is facing in terms of ensuring the overall safety of the world’s hydropower assets, highlighting advancements being made by leading organisations, who are continuously improving their overall safety programmes.



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Michel de Vivo

Secretary-General, ICOLD
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Michel Lino

Vice-President (for Europe), ICOLD

Alessandro Palmieri

Water Infrastructure Adviser