Focus Session

Climate resilience

Climate resilience investment for the hydropower sector

Hydropower climate resilience

Wednesday 15 May 2019 | 14:00-15:15

The hydropower sector is vulnerable to the impacts of a changing climate. Changes in precipitation and temperature impact power generation, dam safety, environmental and social aspects, as well as other infrastructure resilience.

Governments, lending institutions, and asset owners themselves are increasingly seeking assurances that hydropower projects – from greenfield developments to rehabilitations – are climate resilient.

This is partly driven by international agreements such as the Paris Agreement, and increasing awareness about the materiality of physical climate risks to investments.

Session objectives:

What does climate resilient hydropower investment mean in practice? And how can asset owners and developers demonstrate that their project is climate resilient?

In this session, these questions will be discussed by a mixed panel of representatives from government, financial institutions, operators and developers.

IHA will also showcase the Hydropower Climate Resilience Guide, a tool that can potentially provide all parties with a practical framework for assessing climate resilience of hydropower projects.


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Craig Davies

Head of Climate Resilience Investments, EBRD

Maria Ubierna

Senior Analyst, IHA

Pravin Karki

Global Lead Hydropower and Dams, World Bank