Focus Session

Clean energy systems

nabling clean energy systems with hydropower

Developing clean energy systems

Wednesday 15 May 2019 | 15:45-17:00 | room: Eiffel 3

All the systems that have succeeded in providing 100 per cent renewable electricity rely on hydropower. Hydropower, where available, plays an essential and vital role in creating and maintaining energy systems that are reliable, affordable and sustainable.

Hydropower’s flexibility can help balance variable renewable supply, by ensuring a firm power output to the grid and reducing reserve requirements. Power systems worldwide exhibit uniquely different characteristics depending on region and history, and the energy transition will need bespoke solutions in each case. However, common opportunities and challenges exist when it comes to hydropower’s role in the energy transition.

Hydropower has traditionally provided flexible power generation as well as the overwhelming majority of large- scale energy storage by storing water in reservoirs. The success of VRE sources is driving change in power systems around the world. New approaches are needed to fully utilise hydropower’s unique characteristics and to compensate hydropower for the flexible services it provides to power grids.

Session objectives:

This session will highlight hydropower’s contribution to enabling the energy transition. The session aims to kick start discussion on how renewables working together can help ensure the provision of reliable, sustainable and affordable energy and water services for all, and how they could help meet and achieve global sustainability and climate goals.

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Dolf GIELEN (moderator)

Director, Innovation and Technology Centre, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
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Markus RIECK

President Europe, Africa & Asia, Chief Sales Officer, Voith Hydro Holding GmbH
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Linn Emelie SCHÄFFER

Master of Science, SINTEF Energy Research
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Tammy CHU

Managing Director, Entura, Hydro Tasmania

XIE Hongwen

Deputy Chief Engineer China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute