Focus Session

Capacity building

Capacity building in the hydropower sector is fundamental to achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Wednesday 15 May 2019 | 11:15-12:30

Central to the economic and social sustainability of hydropower developments is the need to support capacity building within local communities and institutions through the demonstrable provision and support of increased capabilities and opportunities. The role that governments and project developers play in this process is integral to community acceptance of the project, the long term sustainability of the scheme and the effective distribution of benefits.

Beyond the local level, international cooperation can support national and regional capacity building through sector-wide programmes focusing on electro-mechanical training or sustainability.

Session objectives:

This session will focus on expanding support to capacity-development activities at international, national and local levels, and further strengthening the educational institutes.

Dialogue will also cover the importance of management, operations, monitoring, technical services, operating costs, evaluating and planning throughout the value chain in the hydropower sector, as well as policy and regulatory frameworks and applicability in each country in order to extend the impact of capacity building.

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