Focus Session

Benefits of hydropower

Quantifying the benefits of hydropower projects

Thursday 16 May 2019 | 09:30-10:45

Single and multipurpose hydropower facilities can deliver multiple power and non-power benefits. Over and above electricity generation, the power related benefits include flexible generation and flexible storage, as well as a reduction in the dependence on fossil fuel. Moreover, they can provide local macroeconomic revenues, benefits related to employment, education and recreation, constitute new possibilities for trade, transport and tourism. Furthermore, affected communities can benefit also from flood mitigation, water supply, pollution control and irrigation. And Setting out realistic indicators that can quantify the above mentioned power and non-power benefits will help to meet the power needs in developing countries and emerging economies together with the development of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Session objectives:

What is the state of knowledge for the quantification of benefits attributed to the development and operation of a hydropower facility?

The session will cover the differences and similarities between projects, depending on their purposes and uses. Participants will also focus on current initiatives to better understand and quantify links between sustainable hydropower development and the achievement of SDGs.


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Robert Lisinge

Chief of Industrialisation and Infrastructure Section, UNECA

Cristina Diez


Frederic Hofmann

Development Director, EDF

Ludimila Lima da Silva

Deputy Superintendent, ANEEL

Pascal Radue

President & Chief Executive Officer Hydro Solutions, GE Renewable Energy